A Republican in Congress - the Most Useless Thing Ever?

It's 2017, and the Republicans have had the House of Representatives since 2011 and the Senate since 2015. When President Trump was sworn in earlier this year, it looked like they might actually be able to get some legislation enacted. After all, they did oppose some of President Obama's agenda.

While it is easy to obstruct (see the Democrats today) under a President that you know won't sign anything consequential that you send to his desk, it is much harder to legislate when you know that there's a President that will enact what you send him. However, that is what the Republicans were sent to Congress to do. Against the wishes of their constituents, they are dragging their feet on the President's agenda, and even outright opposing him and their constituents in some cases. For many Republicans, the prospect of results is simply foreign to them, and it's preferable to be useless, whine and take up space. These RINOs (Republicans in name only) need to smarten up and Make Congress Accomplish Something or lose their seats to people who actually will.